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C.N.C. mechanical machining since 1977

Edam is an engineering workshop specialising in precision mechanical machining for third parties, located in Remedello, in the province of Brescia.

The experience gained in over 40 years,
combined with the use of state of the art machinery,
have allowed the company to become
an important point of reference in the industry.


All of the company’s processing meets a high quality standard confirmed by the achievement of the ISO 9001 certification.


From the cutting of raw materials to the finishing of ready-to-assemble items, great part of the manufacturing process of mechanical components is carried out at Edam, especially those related to the sectors of oil hydraulics, agricultural equipment and construction of industrial machinery.


The machinery fleet is dedicated to the processing of steel, cast iron and light alloys: thanks to the skilful use of numerical controls and the support of effective cad-cam softwares, it is able to manufacture custom made components for each client, thus meeting the most diverse needs.

  • Flanges and Nuts
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Components
  • Pistons
  • Heads
  • Miscellaneous Parts


Since 2018, Edam has been exporting an ever-increasing volume of products, proving that Edam high quality processing, flexibility and professionalism are recognised and appreciated also abroad.

Edam workshop is like a retail shop where the customer can find what they are looking for and rely on a team of experts able to customise products and provide support.

Deglio MastrilliEdam Founder

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